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Billing (4)
Find up-to-date information on billing for preventive services for private insurance and government sponsored programs.
Evaluation Report (5)
Fluoride and Xylitol (5)
View a California map with optimally flouridated zip codes and download the Fluoride Supplement Dosage Schedule.
Journal Articles (14)
News Articles (2)
Policy Statements (2)
View up-to-date policy statements from various professional organizations
Risk Assessment (5)
Download risk assessment forms for children ages 0 - 5.
The Oral Health Assessment (3)
Outlines the 6 steps for performing an oral health assessment and providing anticipatory guidance to parents and caregivers.
Training Request (1)
Download this form to request a First Smiles training for your organization


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Examining the Cost-Effectiveness of Early Dental Visits
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Mutans Streptococci: Acquisition and Transmission
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