Purpose of the Oral Health Resource Guide

Many young children and families living in rural communities in California experience high rates of dental disease and have limited access to preventive dental care and treatment. This situation compromises not only their health, but their ability to learn and thrive during their early years. Many solutions can be created at the community level.

This online Resource Guide provides a framework for looking at issues and components involved in creating, implementing and evaluating community-based oral health programs for young children, especially those in rural areas. Community-based and office/clinical preventive approaches and dental care systems are addressed, as are public and provider education, systems issues such as referrals and case management, and other approaches. Each of the 11 chapters includes:

  • Overview of Topic-What the Issues are

  • Self-Assessment Tool-Where We Are

  • Options for Solutions-What Our Options Are and Some Examples

  • Worksheets and Links to Resources-What Will Help Us Get There

  • Evaluating Success-How To Determine if We've Made an Impact

  • Evaluation of Chapter

Table of Contents